About Stratagee

Key Areas: College Selection, Financial Aid, Personal Resources, Tax Aid

Stratagee is a provider of web-based software, content and services to families, financial advisors, school districts and employee benefit providers. The goal of our software, content and services is to provide parents with answers to the two biggest questions they typically have about college:

  1. Where might our child be able to Get Into College and Get Aid™?
  2. What is our best strategy to pay for college and save for retirement?

The four key areas that must be considered in the process of determining Your Best Strategy® are:

  • College Selection
  • Financial Aid
  • Tax Aid
  • Personal Resources

To make intelligent decisions in these four areas requires specialized knowledge of college admissions, financial aid, taxes, investing, and financial planning. Even if families have people advising them in these areas, it is very difficult to pull that expertise together for college planning and retirement purposes.

That's why Stratagee was created. Now families and financial advisors can access integrated college planning expertise through our software, content, and services. And for the first time, families can quickly and easily discover where their children may be able to Get Into College and Get Aid™, and what their best strategy is to pay for the colleges that are the best fit. Ultimately that helps simplify the college planning process, save families time, and save them money.

Stratagee provides confidence for college.

What's more, since the money that parents spend on college they don't have for retirement, our philosophy is that college planning is retirement planning®. Furthermore, we do not view college and retirement as two separate roads, but one. We believe that for most families college is a tollbooth on the road to retirement®, and our goal is to help families navigate to the colleges that are the best fit for the student, get through the college tollbooths as strategically as possible, and stay up to speed for retirement.

All of which requires us to possess critical knowledge in the areas of financial planning, college admissions, investing, tax planning, software development and financial aid. Stratagee's management and advisory team represents the best of all these areas, and our combined expertise is focused on one thing, Your Best Strategy®

Your Best Strategy®.

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