The goal of our services is to provide answers to the two biggest questions parents have about college:

  1. Where might our child be able to Get Into College and Get Aid™?
  2. What is our best strategy to pay for college and save for retirement?

The four key areas that must be considered in the process of determining Your Best Strategy® are:

  • College Selection
  • Financial Aid
  • Tax Aid
  • Personal Resources

To make intelligent decisions in these four areas requires specialized knowledge of college admissions, financial aid, taxes, investing, and financial planning. Even if you have people advising you in these areas, it is very difficult to pull that expertise together for college planning and retirement purposes.

Our expertise will help you:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make the best use of the resources that you have
  3. Have confidence throughout the college admissions and funding process
  4. Identify colleges that are the best fit your child, and strategies to enhance the likelihood of admission
  5. Potentially reduce the overall cost of college, and therefore, have more money to save for retirement
  6. Determine Your Best Strategy® to pay for the colleges that are the Best Fit for your child

One Hour with the Expert - $450

This service, provided by Troy Onink, combines college admissions, financial aid, tax planning and personal finance to identify Your Best Strategy® to reduce the cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible.

The process is simple:
  1. We send you our College Consultation Questionnaire.
  2. After we receive your completed questionaire and have processed payment online, we will schedule the one-hour virtual meeting.
  3. Troy will review your information and will be prepared to give you individualized advice during your meeting.

If, after our hour together, you decide that you'd like help throughout the college funding experience, we also offer a more comprehensive service in which we walk with you through the college experience, from making sure you complete the aid forms accurately to analyzing each college's financial aid award, how to appeal an award if necessary and most importantly, determining your best strategy to pay your share of the cost. This added consultation package beyond the one-hour consultation is an additional $500 (for a total of $950).

You choose which package best meets your needs, and we'll be happy to help you whether it’s for a one-hour consult, or for more long-term advice.

Contact us at info@stratagee.com or 814-757-5033.

Troy’s advice has meant thousands in savings each year. Even as our situation has changed we’ve known exactly what to do to qualify for the most aid, save on taxes and pay for college without sacrificing our retirement savings.

George and Jennifer: Daughters at Duke University and Brown University.

Your Best Strategy®

College and K-12 School Selection
  • Merit aid awards, cost of attendance, need-based aid eligibility and likelihood of admission are all dependent on the colleges being considered
  • Provides an estimate of the costs for the respective colleges chosen
  • Provides each student’s likelihood of being admitted at colleges and universities nationwide
Financial Aid
  • Calculation of each student’s Expected Family Contribution toward the cost of each college being considered (including multiple students in college at one time)
  • Calculation of each student’s eligibility for need-based financial aid at each of the colleges being considered (using a thorough calculation based on federal, institutional and consensus need analysis formulas)
  • Each student’s eligibility for non-competitive academic merit aid awards based on colleges’ published criteria
  • Calculation of each student’s Federal aid awards, the Pell Grant, Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Calculation of the impact of saving in various asset types on each student’s need-based financial aid eligibility
Tax Aid
  • Summary of estimated federal taxes for the parents and each student
  • Determines the eligibility of the parents or student(s) to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Determines the impact of income-shifting and gifting strategies in reducing federal taxes
Personal Resources
  • Calculation of the strategic use of the family’s personal resources for education funding and retirement savings
  • Preferences regarding whether to allow private student loans and Parent Plus loans as a funding source
  • Analysis of income-shifting to students and gifting of assets to parents and students
  • Determination of the best ways for grandparents to help fund school and colleges costs
  • Identify any ways in which the family may be able to enhance need-based college aid eligibility and tax savings

To engage us for a service, please contact us via e-mail at info@stratagee.com or phone at 814-757-5033.

Admissions Services

There are thousands of colleges and universities in our country to choose from, some big and some small, with dozens of majors at all. So searching for colleges and universities that are a good fit for a student can be stressful and frustrating, yet a critical part of the college decision. What’s more, when you do find what you are looking for, knowing the best strategy to present the student for admission can also be a mystery. Our admissions services are led by highly experienced admissions consultants who have helped thousands of students from all walks of life and college interests, not only identify colleges that are a good fit, but help them confidently present themselves as applicants for admission.

The admissions consultants each visit 25-50 colleges each year in person, all over the country, and have been doing so for decades. They know the colleges, the college officials and the type of young person that can typically be admitted there, and why. All they need to do is get to know you, the student. Then they can help you identify a group of colleges that are a good fit, for all the right reasons, and direct you in the admissions and college selection process. Before you visit one campus, talk to us and we can help you “know before you go.”

Smart Search for College

  • Review of College Search Worksheet
  • Analysis of client’s academic history: transcript, level of achievement and standardized test scores
  • College search respecting client’s preferences and aspirations
  • Selection of institutions which represent a match between the candidate’s credentials, and a realistic understanding of each institution’s admissions profile
  • Summary of the selected institutions by the student’s likelihood of admission, aid eligibility and general affordability

Basic Admissions Consultation Package

  • Review of Parent Information Form and College Search Worksheet
  • Analysis of client’s academic history: transcript, level of achievement and standardized test scores
  • Review of the Common Application and the Drawing at College (both completed by student)
  • Comprehensive college search respecting client’s preferences and aspirations
  • Selection of institutions which represent a match between the candidate’s credentials and a realistic understanding of an institution’s admissions profile
  • A Narrative to explain results, application procedures, enrollment strategies and suggestions on how to make the admissions process work for the student

Premium Admissions Consultation Package

All of the above plus the following:
  • Personal consultation with family and/or advisor to gather more substantive, relevant information and discuss the responsibilities of each party in the admissions process (one hour)
  • Demystification of admissions process and coaching for optimum presentation
  • Identification of specific institutions representing best match between client’s aspirations/credentials and institutions' admissions criteria/selectivity
  • Availability for direct conversation by phone or email regarding on-going admissions strategies or to discuss options once decisions have been rendered (one hour)

Admissions Consultation and Placement Package

All of the above plus the following:
  • One -on-one assistance with every aspect of the admissions process including but not limited to: crafting the application, discussing and scheduling standardized testing, interview technique, essay writing, etc. (two hours)
  • Providing expert advice on any special circumstances affecting candidacy including but not limited to: athlete recruitment, artistic talent, learning needs, international admissions, etc. (two hours)
  • Analysis of admissions results, weighing options and determining final choice as well as curriculum suggestions and counsel on the first year experience (one hour)

To engage us for a service, please contact us via e-mail or phone.