New: College InSource now available for CPAs.

We are now offering our College InSource partner program to qualified certified public accountants because paying for college is a taxing experience.™

College InSource for Financial Advisors

Through the College InSource program, financial advisors can partner with Stratagee in offering a consultative college planning service focused on delivering each client’s best strategy to pay for college while preserving assets and income for retirement. Get access to Stratagee training and software.

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Identify Your Best Strategy® for Families

A one hour college planning consultation for families with Stratagee CEO, Troy Onink. We'll combine college admissions, financial aid, tax planning and personal finance expertise to identify Your Best Strategy® to reduce the cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible.

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Why Stratagee?

Stratagee is the right choice to assist you with college planning. Here's why.

SmartSearch An Indicator of College Admission and Affordability

SmartSearch is our flagship college planning software used during consultations to help families identify their best strategy to reduce the overall cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible. It is also available to financial advisors through our College InSource Partner Program. As a technology platform SmartSearch is the most advanced yet simple to use college planning solution that exists for families and financial advisors. Through the ongoing collaborative efforts of our financial planning, college admissions, financial aid, tax, investment and software development team, we continue to adapt to changes in all of these areas and innovate to stay out in front in delivering the best advice possible so that we can:

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Troy Onink Stratagee CEO

Stratagee CEO, Troy Onink, has been a nationally-known pioneer in the specialized field of college planning for 23 years. He consults with families and financial advisors on the best ways to reduce the high cost of college and pay for it as wisely as possible through financial aid, tax strategies and each family’s personal resources. Millions of parents and financial advisors read College Crossroads, Troy’s blog at Forbes, each year and he is a sought-after speaker having given over 450 presentations to financial advisors, parents of private and public high schools, employees and professional groups nationwide. Troy’s media appearances, blog, various columns and our advanced technology platform all rise from working with families like yours. It is all about you, and what your family’s best strategy is to pay for college.

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